Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mexican police find seven bodies dumped in mines

Authorities in the
Mexican state of Hidalgo recovered seven bodies from two mines over the weekend, believed to be related to drug cartel activity, the Hidalgo state attorney general's office said Monday. A series of arrests after a confrontation in the city of Pachuca resulted in the arrests of six people, including two police officers. From the six suspects, police learned about a mine in Pachuca and a mine in nearby Mineral del Chico where bodies were dumped.

Upon inspecting the mines, police found three bodies in the Pachuca mine and four bodies in the Mineral del Chico mine, the state attorney general's office said. Authorities could not identify the bodies because of advanced decomposition, and have sent samples of the bodies to a lab to help with identification. According to the office, the suspects indicated the bodies were those of area drug dealers.


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