Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gang-rape in India: An adventure you can get away with?

New Delhi, India - Gang rapes and other sex crimes against women in India are being committed with such brazenness that they seem to originate with the thought that it is easy to get away after the crime.
Brutal rapes are taking place with such frequency and in such a variety of ways that rapes have become the sole focus of our attention in the context of crimes against women. In the process, India has become blind to the vast, organised racket of human trafficking of minors and young women for the sex trade.
When Union Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde says that “as a father of three daughters,” he is interested in getting a deterrent punishment for rapists, or that, “…It could happen to my daughters also,” he is essentially reflecting the deep insecurity over the safety and security of young women in the country. While speaking to reporters outside Parliament in Delhi on December 20, Shinde said that the horrific gang-rape and assault of a Delhi student in a moving bus on Sunday night could not be allowed to be forgotten as another statistic. “How can we forget it…It could happen to my daughters also,” he remarked. Continue Reading...


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