Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9 PC Germs : FBI Has Fix for 'DNS Changer' Germs

The FBI alerts that 277,000 pcs globally could drop online connection unless customers implement a fix to the "DNS changer" malware.

Without a fix that is being put out by the FBI, it is possible that tens of many individuals contaminated by the DNS Filter computer virus could drop entry to the Internet on Thursday, July 9th.

The Huffington Publish revealed in Apr that the issue started when worldwide online hackers — aka "Operation Spider Click" — ran an internet promotion fraud to take control of contaminated pcs.

The FBI has set up a web page that will examine to see if a visitor's computer is using "rogue DNS". There is also a papers on the website that describes how to fix the issue.  The Los Angeles Nation Sheriff's Division has sent out an advisory to county citizens with Internet problems to examine the website.

The issue occurs during the process of closing down the pc. Once the shut down is complete, pcs contaminated by DNS Filter could drop online connection. D-day is set for July 9.

According to CBS Information, although down from the number revealed in Apr, some 277,000 pcs worldwide—64,000 of them in the Combined States—could still be contaminated.

The FBI is still encouraging customers to visit www.dcwg.org, a web page run by its security associate, to find out whether their computer is contaminated and how to fix the issue.

After July 9, any pcs still contaminated will not be able to accessibility the Internet. Many people do not know whether or not their pcs have been impacted.

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