Friday, December 2, 2011

Egypt's election results expected Saturday

Egyptians await election results
Cairo (CNN) -- Results from this week's election in Egypt are expected Saturday, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said.

Voter turnout was last reported by the country's election board at 62%, but the board said it would recalculate the figure after reporters raised questions about the number of registered voters used in the calculation, suggesting the true figure was lower.

However, Egyptians were eagerly awaiting the results, not the turnout figures, of voting that took place on Monday and Tuesday in the first election since February's ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. Those results could catapult Islamists into powerful government roles.

Al Noor Salafi, a hardline Muslim group, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a more moderate entity, have each claimed a lead in ballot counting.

If they prevail, their success would be the latest for Islamist-oriented parties in North Africa and the Middle East, where popular discontent and winds of change have swirled this year. Read More....


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