Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PROJECT 11 shot in 11 countries releases on 11.11.11

PROJECT 11, a short film slated for release on 11.11.11 has been shot in 11 countries across the world in a shoe string budget of 9 lakhs, entirely self funded by the makers. In this unique initiative by two film enthusiasts, PROJECT 11 is probably the first of its kind in short the film genre which bridges a vast geographical divide. The film was made with an idea to raise funds for their feature film on the same lines. They decided to release it on 11.11.11, which is a once in a lifetime date.

PROJECT 11 is a High-Concept thriller, which blurs the line between the real and the virtual world. The film has been shot in 11 different cities in the world. This experimental film has 11 eminent directors collaborating from world over.  Take a look at the trailer here. Read More....


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