Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Big Question: Happy Children's Day?

Happy Children’s Day!!!
THE childhood is a very significant moment and most memorable in the life of every human being. Therefore, be sure to make every moment spent with your baby becomes more special.
Now that we have got that out the way, let's look at some hard facts. India has more malnourished children than the poorest regions in Sub-Saharan Africa! That’s not just in terms of sheer numbers (as you’d expect from the country with the world’s largest population), it's also as a percentage, and that is inexplicable. India has an under -five child mortality rate of 65 per thousand, this means that 65 children out of a 1000 die before they turn five years old, the corresponding number for China is a mere 19. In 2009, 1.72 million children died before they turned five, the most in the world.

17 million children work, as per official estimates, and despite making education a fundamental right for children aged between 6 and 14, only fifty percent of these children attend school. Gruesome facts that are not very reassuring if you are a child in India. Read More...


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