Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aazaan' To Take A Different Route On Terrorism

When producer/actor Sachiin Joshi and director Prashant Chadha decided to make 'Aazaan', a film which explores global terrorism with biological warfare in the middle of it all, they were sure that the film would play it's game differently. This means that unlike quite a few other films belonging to similar genre, 'Aazaan' was sure about not getting into any conversations around 'jihaadis' or give out a cry of 'Allah Hu Akbar'.

"Pick any movie that targets terrorists and you see people raising their guns, firing shots and ending the scene with a cry of 'Allah Hu Akbar'. Such scenes have been repeated in so many films that it has almost become a clich. The very relevance of a holy phrase like 'Allah Hu Akbar' tends to get lost when such scenes are repeated time and again. Sachiin as well as his director Prashant Chadha were sure that they didn't want to trivialise the matter. Yes, they make a statement against terrorism but without getting into a jingoistic mode", says a source close to the makers.

"The film addresses the issue that when a terrorist turns out to be a Muslim, what's the reason behind that. We have explored the kind of circumstances he is put in due to which he becomes a terrorist", says Sachiin, "No, there are no talks of 'jihaad' in 'Aazaan' though we are talking about terrorism."

'Aazaan' releases this Friday all over.


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