Friday, April 22, 2011

Bipasha - "I depict the fun element of Goa"

'Dum Maaro Dum' has released today. While the film comes with the tagline of 'kya hai kahaani tere paap ki' (what's the story of your wrong doing), it fits in well with the character played by Bipasha - Zoe - as well.
"That's right," says Bipasha, "Everyone has a past to show and something that deserves a punishment. Zoe is not spared either. And then there are two other stories from the past for Abhishek and Prateik. All of them come together to reach a common culmination."
In this film which has dark shades to it, none of the characters is all-white. The same holds good for Zoe too.
"Zoe depicts the fun element of Goa," Bipasha lights up here, "She is someone who is a hippie, is fun loving, a romantic who believes in love and is also quite ambitious. Her life takes a turn for worse when something goes wrong that leads to an all around transformation. In fact she is the very crux of the city."
Well Bipasha, now that the film has released, one waits to see whether audience too shares similar sentiments.


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