Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011: Afterthoughts on the India-Pakistan Semi-Final

The much awaited, much hyped, Mother Of All Games between the sub-continental giants—India and Pakistan—is finally behind us.
India won, Pakistan lost.
Indian fans will celebrate.
Pakistani fans will mourn.
Another Faboulous Victory Against Pakistan in 2nd Semi Final 2011
Another sub-continental giant—Sri Lanka—await the men in blue on Saturday, the 2nd of April, 2011 in Mumbai.
Despite it sounding like a cliché on a stuck record, can Team India do it for Sachin Tendulkar?
The Little Master had a terrible outing. Four lives, two appeals turned down and yet the Little Master could not cross the Rubicon of 100 tons.
As Suresh Menon of the DNA remarked in one of his recent columns, would it be a bad thing if Tendulkar never did?
Sir Donald Bradman was unable to score the requisite four runs in his final innings to average a perfect 100, instead out for a duck to end up on 99.94. Was that such a bad thing?
Even the best are not perfect. Maybe that’s the almighty’s way of saying, “Perfection is mine alone. You can only strive to attain it.”
Despite the opposition’s butter-fingers and a sterling bowling performance by young pace discovery, Wahab Riaz, Sach was crowned man-of-the-match.
Even he would admit that it was not his finest innings. Yet he ended up on the winning side. And that counts more in the eyes of the adjudicators.
Riaz deserved the award simply because a fifer specially in a one-dayer is a rarer occurrence and more than equivalent to a ton.
To put it into context,in all ODIs ever played, there are 201 players who have taken 5 wickets or more and 277 who have scored tons.
Occurrences are even rarer. 3147 ODIs have been played since 1971. 1137 hundreds have been scored in them with just 349 instances of 5 wickets or more.
It’s always funny how when a big match comes up, some big players fail to turn up. Umar Gul disappointed. It was left to Wahab Riaz to take up the slack and make inroads into the vaunted Indian batting line-up.
His bowling restricted India to a competitive total. Read More.....


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