Friday, January 28, 2011

Karnataka church attacks: Government gets clean chit

Finally, some good nehhws for the beleaguered BJP government in Karnataka. A commission set up to investigate a series of attacks on churches in 2008 has said neither the government nor the police can be faulted.

"There is no basis to the apprehension of Christian petitioners that the politicians, BJP, mainstream Sangh Parivar and state government directly or indirectly, are involved in the attacks."

On who was responsible, the report suggests, "The attacks are indulged in by misguided fundamentalist miscreants of defined or undefined groups or organizations against Christians and Christianity who have mistakenly presumed that they would be protected by the party in power with their policies at the relevant time."

In September 2008, churches were vandalized in different parts of Karnataka like Mangalore,Udupi, Kolar, Bellary. A commission headed by BK Somasekhara, a former judge, was assigned to investigate the attacks.

The Chief Minister at that time had described the attacks as a conspiracy to disrupt law and order.


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