Monday, December 20, 2010

Worries for Congress as birthday boy Jagan Reddy fasts for farmers

Worries for Congress as birthday boy Jagan Reddy fasts for farmers

Hyderabad In the season of merry-making and feasting, Andhra Pradesh politics is all about fasting instead.

First it was Chandrababu Naidu's fast and now, Jaganmohan Reddy, who recently announced his divorce from the Congress party, is set to begin a 48-hour hunger strike in Vijayawada today.

Jagan too is espousing the cause of farmers as his opening gambit in preparation for launching his political party in mid-February. It is also his birthday - he turns 38 - and his supporters are hoping for a turnout of about four lakh people ove the two days as a birthday gift.

Jagan's first political campaign after he quit the Congress is called the Lakshya Deeksha. Lakshya also means lakh, for the lakhs expected to attend. Arrangements ar being made for about one lakh people at the venue.
Jagan will sit on hunger strike on a huge stage on the banks of the Krishna river, with big tents pitched and scores of people already gathered. A massive Jagan hoarding dominates the scene.

The birthday campaign shall begin with a visit to the famous Kanaka Durga temple of Vijayawada.

There are Jagan's posters all over Vijayawada and there is cause to worry for the Congress with the likelihood of about five party MPs and 20 MLAs being present. Jagan's campaign has the tacit support of quite a few Congressman. NT Rama Rao's widow Lakshmi Parwati may be present too.

In attendance also shall be farmers whose cause Jagan has decided to champion. There are reports of farmers being brought in from all districts of Andhra Pradesh, especially the coastal areas.

Jagan is tapping into huge political potential. Farmers in the coastal belt lost much of their Kharif crop in the rains. They are so desperate that they will take any help that comes their way and many say they also want to see YSR Reddy's son in flesh and blood. 


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