Saturday, October 2, 2010

Andhra Pradesh CM greets people on Mahatma Gandhi's 141st birth anniversary

Mahatma Gandhi's 141st birth anniversary
Chief Minister Dr. K.Rosaiah has reiterated his Government’s commitment to ensure that the benefits of all the welfare and developmental programmes initiated by the state government reach the poorest of the poor, as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi. Paying rich tributes to the Father of the Nation on the occasion of his birthday on October 2, the Chief Minister recalled Gandhiji’s words that ‘while taking up development or welfare programme and initiating any social security schemes, the government should think of the poorest of the poor’.

The Chief Minister said his government would strive to realise Gandhiji’s dream of a welfare State. He said his government would effectively implement all the schemes intended for the poor like the Rs.2 a kg rice scheme, Indiramma housing, free power for farmers, Aarogyasri, 108 and 104 ambulance services etc..

He asserted that his government would continue all the programmes contemplated and initiated by late Chief Minister Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy by strengthening the delivery mechanism, so that the benefits of the schemes would reach all sections of the people.

Reiterating that the saturation concept will continue in all welfare schemes, the Chief Minister said that the concept of the government to see that no single eligible individual in the State should be left uncovered by the benefits of the welfare and development programmes, had drawn inspiration from the “Sarvodaya” concept propounded by Mahatma Gandhi almost 100 years ago. Paying tributes to the Mahatma, the Chief Minister said that Gandhiji was a multi-faceted genius, a beacon light of peace to the entire humanity, and a legendary adored all over the world.
Mahatma Gandhi was not only an apostle of peace but also a leader of indomitable courage who carried the masses with him. Gandhiji humbled the mighty British Empire with non-violence and simplicity, a unique achievement that is. When he launched the freedom struggle, millions of people followed him with absolute faith.

Gandhiji never compromised his strong faith in 'peace and non-violence' in his relentless struggle for independence, the Chief Minister said. His patriotic fervour and spirit of service to the poorest of the poor and deprived classes of the society left an indelible mark. His life was his message in his own words, Dr.Rosaiah added.
Overcoming the barriers of language, caste, creed or religion, Gandhiji laid strong foundations for national integration, communal harmony and secularism which would be pursued by the people with great reverence for generations to come, the Chief Minister said. “Let us all pledge to work on Gandhian lines of peace, progress and equality of opportunity to one and all,” Mr Rosaiah said.


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