Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tharoor's honeymoon trip starts with technical snag

Shashi Tharoor and wife Sunanda Pushkar didn't have a very pleasant start to their honeymoon that takes them to Dubai and Spain. While their flight took off from here at 5am on Tuesday, it returned within half an hour due to a technical snag.

The Emirates Airline flight to Dubai was scheduled for 4.35am but took off after a 25-minute delay at 5am, airport sources said. The plane, however, returned to the airport at 6am due to a technical snag. Their flight has been rescheduled for the afternoon, the sources added. The wedding is the third for both Tharoor, 54, and Dubai-based Pushkar, a Kashmiri. The couple are headed to Dubai for a reception and move on to Spain for a short honeymoon.


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