Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gunman goes on killing Spree in Bratislava, then commits suicide

A Gunman killed Six people

A gunman killed six people and wounded at least nine in an attack in a neighborhood of Bratislava on Monday, then committed suicide, police said. The attacker, armed with a machine gun and two pistols, could not immediately be identified and his motive was not known, said police chief Jaroslav Spisiak. The shooting took place at midmorning in the rundown Devinska Nova Ves neighborhood on the outskirts of the Slovak capital that is surrounded by fields and industrial areas. Five of the fatalities - four women and a man - were gunned down inside an apartment in a brown high-rise building, and another man was shot and killed outside it, Spisiak told a news conference.

Police rushed to the scene as the attacker, about 50 years old, was leaving the building, and he fired indiscriminately at people in the area, wounding at least nine of them, including a policeman, said Spisiak. Previous news reports had said 14 people were wounded. Emergency crews blocked off the scene, which includes a kindergarten and a supermarket. Hours after the attack, stunned residents milled about in disbelief.


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