Monday, August 9, 2010

Commonwealth Games: 54 days to go, is Delhi ready?

Incomplete stadiums, living quarters far from finished and debris strewn all over the city - Delhi looks far from being ready for the Commonwealth Games. Many feel that with 54 days to go before the Games, perhaps the most important thing is to try and ensure that everything will be ready in time. And that the blame game can continue after that. The Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium (JNS), which was inaugurated on July 27, was meant to be a symbol to showcase the Games. But it looks nothing more than a construction site despite its ` 961 crore makeover.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) began construction over two years ago. The deadline is September 1 after which the stadium will be locked down. But will it be ready by that date? No one is allowed inside. But according to sources, the main lights and main announcement systems are in place at the stadium. The field and stadium seats are also ready. But underground cabling for electricity and water supply, water connections, painting and welding of the boundary are still not complete.

"I had gone inside the stadium 10 days ago. The work is still incomplete. There is welding happening and tiles are being fitted," said Iqbal, a labour. Also, the beautification of the area outside the stadium and the work on its roof is still going on, including the tiling work and the welding inside the stadium. At some places, the fence of the stadium is still being finished and the work on the entrances is still incomplete.

"Every second day we are shifted to another work site," said Shakuntala, another labour. The third largest stadium in India, JNS is meant to host the opening ceremony on October 3. At least a month before, it has be to handed over to security agencies but the big question everyone is asking: Will it be ready by September 1.


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