Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bangalore man allegedly set pregnant wife on fire after fight

A nine-month pregnant woman in Bangalore was allegedly set on fire by her husband on Sunday night. Twenty-four-year-old Meharunnisa, who sustained 35 per cent burn injuries, was due to deliver her first child in a couple of days. In her declaration to the police, she held her husband responsible for her condition. In her complaint, the victim said she married Aghori Raman Kishor three years ago. He converted to Islam after the marriage and changed his name to Syed Abdur Rehman. She alleged that her husband wanted to convert back to Hinduism and since she disagreed, he set her on fire.

After she got pregnant, the accused moved in with his parents who asked him to divorce Meharunnisa and return to Hinduism. "His parents brainwashed him, their ego spoiled our life. He was fine until I got pregnant," said Meharunnisa.  She alleged that another reason for their differences was her job. He would often ask her to quit but she, being the eldest in her maternal home, had to earn to support the family.  After repeated attempts to sort out their differences, Rehman allegedly decided to kill her on Sunday. The victim said he applied an ointment to relieve her cold and tried to push her onto the cooking stove as the ointment was highly flammable.

When she caught fire, Rehman ran out of the house but alert neighbours rushed in after they heard Meharunnisa screaming. She was admitted to Victoria Hospital. Ayaz Khan, Meharunnisa's neighbour, said "We heard her screams and rushed into the house to see what was going on. They have been unhappy for months and wanted to be separated." A still-recovering Meharunnisa said, "If he had tortured me physically, I would still have proof. He tortured me mentally and never gave me even a rupee to spend. He is a cheat and I want the world to know his true colours." Meharunnisa added that the Bangalore police officials refused to register a case against her husband. Officials at the police station remained unavailable for comment.


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