Friday, June 18, 2010

French media lambast Les Bleus

Reaction in France to the national team's 2-0 defeat to Mexico on Thursday night which virtually ends their World Cup hopes has been predictably scathing.

L'Equipe, the country's biggest sports daily, ran with the headline 'LesImposteurs'. Adding: "The ineffectiveness of the team contradicts all the speeches held by (coach) Raymond Domenech and the players on their strength of character and their capacity to react.

"This morning, France contemplates a field of ruins: its national team. The 'Je-m'en-foutisme' ('I don't give a damn-ism') is their flag, the only banner this team can carry together.

"Let's mock Raymond Domenech, so full of himself, overcome by his players' egos. Laugh about these major players Franck Ribery, William Gallas, Nicolas

Anelka, who believe themselves so superior, and their arrogance. Supported by a federation who should wear a headless chicken as a symbol, they deserve indifference."

France were "wiped clean" by their "Aztec conquerors", according to Liberation, while Le Figaro reflects captain Patrice Evra's withering assessment that France are "a small team, very affected by defeat".

Le Parisien went with the simple "France humiliated by Mexico", while Provence opted for "Shame on the Blues".

Also unsurprising was the schadenfreude emanating from Ireland. The Republic lost a play-off to reach South Africa after striker Thierry Henry's handball led to the decisive goal which put France through.

"Supporters of the Boys in Green will have savoured France's defeat to Mexico last night, a result that leaves Raymond Domenech's side staring at the prospect of saying an early 'au revoir' to the 2010 World Cup," said the Irish Examiner.

"Few will shed any tears at their current plight. To add to the delight of those of a bitter disposition, there was more than a hint of controversy about the second half goal that put Mexico on the road to victory last night.

"Few will sympathise though, as it seems that what goes round does indeed occasionally come round."


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