Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ethiopian Elections

Secretary Clinton was in Seoul today/Met with President Lee and Foreign Minister Yu

Secretary Clinton will speak at the Brookings Institution Thursday on the National Security Strategy.

U.S. is grateful to the Government of Yemen for its efforts to secure the release of two Americans kidnapped Monday.

National Election Board results in Ethiopia indicate a victory for the ruling party/Freedom of choice for voters was constrained by Ethiopian government officials, the National Elections Board of Ethiopia, and the ruling party and its cadres.

Deputy Secretary Steinberg is in Copenhagen to attend the meeting of the Arctic Council/Will meet with Foreign Minister Espersen and Defense Minister Bech.

Deputy Secretary Jack Lew is in Nigeria/Met with the Emir of Kano.

Under Secretary Otero is in Abuja to leading the U.S. delegation to launch the Good Governance, Transparency and Integrity Working Group of the U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission.

USAID Administrator Shah spoke at the Food Security Investment Forum in Bangladesh and met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Assistant Secretary Brimmer will lead the U.S. delegation to the UN Alliance on Civilizations Forum, May 28-29 in Rio de Janeiro.


Not surprised by the election results/Ethiopia did not allow U.S. observers/Reduced choices for people of Ethiopia/U.S. values cooperation with Government of Ethiopia/Will make clear steps it will need to take to improve democratic institutions.


Secretary Clinton will meet with the Foreign Minister on Friday/End of conflict with Tamil Tigers and recent electoral results provides the Government of Sri Lanka a historic opportunity to move the country forward Cancellation of Travel Warning.


Reports of General Dayton's departure/Visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington/Discussing a similar trip to Washington with President Abbas


Offers of assistance from 17 countries/Other offers received from international organizations/BP has accepted offers from Mexico and Norway/U.S. is grateful for all offers of assistance.


U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue preview briefing on Tuesday by Assistant Secretary Blake.
U.S.-India relations have never been stronger.


Trust deficit is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan/Encourage both countries to enhance dialogue and cooperation/Counterterrorism is an ingredient of dialogue and relationship with both countries.


U.S. supports efforts of the Government of Jamaica to strengthen the rule of law and arrest Christopher Coke.


U.S. beginning to focus greater attention on Kandahar/Bring security and effective governance to all of Afghanistan/Looking forward to the having the peace jirga take place.

Ongoing cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan can have effective action against insurgents.


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